Talking to the Princess

Silly person, what are you looking at? Haven’t you seen a real princess before? Oh, you’re not from here, which means you’re a stranger. Well, I really am a princess and that means my dad is the king. Kings rule countries. Stop staring! It’s soooo rude. Don’t you have manners? Since you don’t, I’ll teach you some princess ones.

Firstly, no staring! How would you like it if someone stared at you? Also, when your father has important guests you have to be extremely quiet and serious, which makes me sad. I love talking to my daddy. Loving, he is, to me. Sorry, I was channeling Master Yoda.   

But there is a time for gigantic grins! In the parade! Because at Christmas I get to dress up in beautiful clothes and ride on a float, which is a lot of fun. Smiling people give me flowers and wave. Happily, after the parade is over, we go home. My father reads me the story of Jesus’ birth, as I, the princess, fall asleep.


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I really mean it.
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