“Oh no! What do I do now?” thought the nurse. “The Hollman baby is dead! I don’t want this Christian family to turn on their faith. I know what I’ll do” She picked up the infant. “Another baby girl was born to a secular family, the Winters, earlier; I’ll switch them. The Mrs. Winters died a couple minutes ago.” And no one noticed the switched babies. Except seventeen years later.

            Mr. and Mrs. Hollman walked into the doctor’s office. “You wanted to see us, Doctor Richards?” the husband questioned.

“Yes I did. Both of you have a seat.” replied the physician. Once they were seated, the woman continued, “Your daughter’s diabetic condition always has ancestral history. But neither of your family’s have that history. And there are no records of you adopting her. I would to do a DNA test just to make sure.” The parents agreed and the test was done.

            Ring! Ring! Ring!   

            A young girl picked up the phone. “Hello. Hollman residence.”  

“Hi, this is Ginger Johnson. Can I talk to your parents?” responded the caller.  

            “Sure- Hey Mom! It’s the forensic scientist!” the girl, Henrietta, called down the hall.

“Ok! I’ll be right there.”  Answered her mother.

            “Here she is.”

“Hello Ginger.”

            “Hello Mrs. Hollman. The DNA test shows that Henrietta is not related to you in any way.”


            “We are now looking for the other family’s that had babies in the hospital the day she was born, to find who she really belongs to. A foster agent is coming to get her and her things tomorrow.”

            “Ok, Ginger.” Replied the woman, remorsefully. “I’ll make sure she’s ready.”

Two days later.

             Ring! Ring! Ring!  

“Hello, Coyote Winters speaking.”

            “Hello Mr. Winters. This is Ginger Johnson. There was a mix up of girl babies seventeen years ago and we would like to do a DNA test of you and the girl to see if you are her father.”

            “Yes. Yes! I’ll do it. When and where do you need me for the test?” Exclaimed the man.

“Is 9 am tomorrow at St. Matthew’s good?”

            “Yes! I’ll be there.”

The next day at 9:30 at St. Matthew’s…

            Coyote looked around the lobby. “Who ever heard of a foster home, hospital and a forensic lab all in one building?” he thought. “And Huck might be alive. This is all too weird.”

              “It’s a match!” came a shout from inside a door which led to the lab. “Coyote Winters and the girl match!” shrieked Ginger as she ran out.

“Where is she?” demanded the man. “I want to see my daughter!”

            “Her room is up on the third floor; I’ll take you there!”

Up in her room, Henrietta heard a knock at her door. “Come in!” she called. The door opened and Ginger and a guy rushed in.

            “She looks just like Joy.” The man cried.

“This is your father, Coyote Winters. Your name is Huckleberry Fairy Winters.” Ginger explained.

            Father and daughter stood staring at each other. Quietly, the scientist left the room.

            “Dad,” Huck whispered softly, embracing her father, “let’s go home.”

            Returning her hug, Coyote responded, “Ok, honey. Let’s go.”

            And after two years of witnessing of Huck to her father, Coyote came to know the Lord. The tombstone for the Hollman baby was changed to say:

Henrietta Hollman

A baby who was switched.


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